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Dates: Aug 2-10, 2018
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Host: bdNOG
Venue: Hotel Le Meridien ,Dhaka,
Website: bdNOG9

Track 3 - Virtualization


  • This workshop offers a general overview of virtualization technologies with a series of practical labs, during which participants will:
  • Create and manipulate virtual machines on the desktop using VirtualBox.
  • Create and manipulate virtual machines on the server using KVM and libvirt.
  • Manipulate file and block based virtual images and work with live VM migration between hosts
  • Create high availability virtualization server clusters using KVM.
  • The workshop aims to provide participants with virtualization solutions using free software and help them understand the different parts of a hypervisor, including storage management, networking, memory management, as well as the different types of container technologies (lightweight virtualization).

Target audience

  • Systems and network administrators that want to know more about virtualization technologies in general, and learn how to build high availability clusters.


  • Linux, Networking, and Command Line Interface (CLI) experience.
  • Linux or MacOS Laptop, or Windows Laptop with Recommended Software (Below)

Recommended Software

  • PuTTY SSH for Windows (SSH) putty
  • PuTTY Secure Copy for Windows (SCP) scp

Workshop Items

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