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 **Hosts:​** ​ [[http://​|bdNOG]] and [[http://​|ISPAB]]\\ **Hosts:​** ​ [[http://​|bdNOG]] and [[http://​|ISPAB]]\\
 **Event Website:** [[http://​​bdnog11/​index.php|bdNOG11]] **Event Website:** [[http://​​bdnog11/​index.php|bdNOG11]]
-=====Track 1 - IPv6 Deployment on MikroTik ===== 
-  * This technical workshop is made up of lectures and hands-on lab exercise to teach design issues to build routing infrastructure,​ classifications and how to choose different routing protocols, Internet routing architecture design principles, OSPF, BGP, BGP traffic engineering and scaling tools i.e. Local Pref, MED, AS path prepend, communities,​ Route reflector, peer group etc. Presentation cover detail protocol level operation an industry best current practise for both service provider and enterprise network. 
-**Target Audience** 
-  * Mid level to senior technical and design staff of ISP, network operators or enterprise, who are involved in day-to-day network operation and planning function. 
-  * It is assumed that participants have a basic understanding of network operations, Internet technologies,​ OSI reference model, TCP/IP and router operating system software (i.e CiscoIOS/​JunOS etc).  
-**Recommended Software** 
-  * PuTTY SSH for Windows (SSH) [[http://​​~sgtatham/​putty/​latest/​x86/​putty.exe|putty]] 
-**Workshop Items** 
-  * [[bdNOG11/​Track1Agenda|Agenda]] ​ (includes links to presentations and schedule) 
-  * Instructors:​ 
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