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Bangladesh Network Operators Group [Track 2 - Advanced System Administration and Network Security]
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   * [[bdNOG11/​netsec|Agenda]] ​ (includes links to presentations and schedule)   * [[bdNOG11/​netsec|Agenda]] ​ (includes links to presentations and schedule)
-  * Instructors:​ Shumon Huque (Salesforce),​ Muhammad Moinur Rahman (DZCRD Networks), Suman Kumar Saha (Pipeline Security), Rezaul Karim (Omnitech)+  * Instructors:​ Shumon Huque (Salesforce),​[[mailto:​[email protected]|Muhammad Moinur Rahman (DZCRD Networks)]][[mailto:​[email protected]|Suman Kumar Saha(Pipeline Security)]][[mailto:​[email protected]|Rezaul Karim (Omnitech)]],​[[mailto:​[email protected]|Md. Aminul Islam(BDCOM)]] 
 +  * [[https://​​r/​7L926TW|Survey]]
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